Monday, October 29, 2012

A great day for low cost food!

Looking for a way to cut down on food costs?
Try these delicious deals before they're gone!

Get Love With Food Box
Get a FREE box with code ECOMOMVIP! 
($2 s/h... Hint: Use a prepaid card w/less than $5
so you can't get billed again even if you forget to cancel!)
Not a bad deal for $2 to get food for you AND donate a meal to a child! Hide and Seek Treat! 
FREE $10 eGift Card!
Your eGift Card will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours

Oct 31:  Get 6 meals for $26!
 (Pay for 2 adult meals and get 2 adult and 2 kids' meals free!)

***And my Schwan's pizzas just got here!!!
Only $1.25 each... Delivered!
(See earlier post for details)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Safeway for $6!


Total = $5.82!!!
I saved $27.85, a total savings of 80%!!!

How I did it:

- 3 Lucrene Fat Free Milk: Reg $2.19ea, Sale $2.09ea, Just4UPersonalized price $0.88ea, Just 4U eCpn $1 off each limit 3 = 3 FREE!!!

- 2 Silk Fruit and Protein: Reg $2.79ea, Sale $1.99ea, Coupon $2/1 x2 = 2 FREE!!!

- 1 La Victoria Tortillas: Reg $2.49, Just4U eCpn 1 Free up to $2.99 = FREE!!!

- 1 Mission Tortilla Chips: Reg $3.39, Sale $2.49, Just4U eCpn $1.50/1 = $0.99!

- 1 Eggland's Best Dozen Lg Eggs: Reg $2.79, Sale $2.49, Just4U price $1.99, Mfg Cpn $0.50/1 (doubled) = $0.99!

- 4 Ragu Alfredo Sauce: Reg $2.59ea, Sale 2 for $3, Mfg cpn $1/2 (x2), Just4u 10% off pasta or sauce  = $0.96ea!!

- 2 Safeway pasta: Reg $1.39ea, Special Get 1 Free wyb 2 Ragu = 2 FREE!!!

Mail Call!

Look at all the fun freebies that have come in lately!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mom Ambassador!

I have been selected as a 
Mom Ambassador for the Moms Meet program

I will get to share FREE SAMPLES, COUPONS, AND GIFTS with a group of other moms! I can't wait to get our first assignment and get goodies to give out and talk about! It will be so much fun! Once we get going, I will be sure to keep you posted on all the latest!

Abot Moms Meet froom their site:

"Moms Meet is an online resource that empowers moms to come together in an informal setting and talk about the latest on raising healthy families and living green. We provide easy-to-read articles and discussion prompts on different eco-conscious parenting topics; think of it as an eco-themed reading club for your playgroup. Some subjects we’ve covered in the past have included:

  • Going green on a budget
  • Slow family living
  • How to feed your family
  • Sleep training methods
  • Overparenting

In addition to creating a space for moms to talk parenting and eco-conscious living, Moms Meet offers exciting opportunities for Mom Ambassadors and their groups to sample the latest healthy, green products."

WELCOME to all the moms who have already responded to be a part of our awesome group!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A good week for cheap and free stuff online!

Great scores this week!
(Some deals may have changed, click links for current deals.)

Torrid 10/16
85% Savings!


Amazon 10/19
Only $0.98 Shipped!!

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Green Mountain 10/18
100% Savings!!!

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Schwann 10/20
82% Savings!

Click HERE! 10/21
100% Savings!!!
(Exclusive mailed code.)

Gevalia 10/21
Only $9.99!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Try your luck at these fun games this month! 
I have won a $15 Home Depot Gift Card, and multiple entries for the Target $250 Gift Card!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The new Influenster!

Influenster Makeover

 Welcome to the wonderful world of!

"The Influenster Makeover brings all new changes to this trendsetting community. Reviews, Influenster Scores, Public Profiles, LifeStage & Expert Badges, and Invite-Only Membership to name' just a few changes."

For those of you who have never heard of influenster, it is an online community where you can go to give and get information on some hot new products, as well as some you may already be familiar with.  Influenster gives us the opportunity to share our honest opinion on so many brands/items, as well as get the honest opinion of many others all in the same place! The more influential and active you are, the better chance you will have to receive an exclusive Vox Box full of goodies to try out and be able to add your reviews to the ranks as well!

I loved the old influenster, and I still love the new one! I like the way members are encouraged to EARN the right to review products instead of products being sent to people who will never actually share their opinions and experiences, or even worse, maybe never even use the product they are sent to review!

A little about influenster from their site:

"Influenster Score:
Your score is the biggest measure of your standing within Influenster and will determine your qualification in programs. Scores go up by connecting your social channels and showing your social influence.

LifeStage & Expert Badges:
We're introducing two new types of badges - LifeStage & Expert. LifeStage represent where you are in your life, while Expert Badges are all about what you know, and are scored to show off your expertise in various areas. Leave reviews and complete other tasks to raise your scores and get higher chances of qualifying in programs. Influensters can earn up to five Expert Badges to start.

We know you’ve loved reviewing VoxBox products, but what about the millions of other products you use and love? In October, you'll be able to add any product to our review pages and leave reviews on everything!"

Want to be a part of the happenings?! Click to request an invite to join HERE! :)