Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free & Cheap @ FRY's!

Today's haul was awesome!  
Coupons that expire after today, good on a sale that started today = some AMAZING deals!!!
  • 9 Gillette Body Washes: FREE
  • 6 Febreeze Set & Fresh: $0.99 each
  • 4 Febreeze Warmers: FREE + $1.10 overage each
  • 3 Scope Outlast: $0.99 each
  • 2 Secret Deodorant: $0.49 each
  • 1 Dawn dish detergent: $0.99
  • 1 Simply Orange OJ: sale $5.49 
  • 1 Value paper plates: regular price $1.94
Applied overage to overall purchase price...
Total value: $93.51, I paid: $11.54 !!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Deals 8/30

What I got today for $7.00 TOTAL!!!
(Safeway & Walmart)($50 Value!)

  • 7 Eating Right Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla Pockets
  • 1 Eating Right Ham & Cheddar Pockets
  • 1 Eating Right Peperoni Pizza for 1
  • 2 Renuzit freshening gel cones (FREE)
  • 4 Cascade Action Packs (FREE)
  • 1 Natural Bliss Caramel creamer
  • 6 Colgate Whitening toothpaste (FREE)

There's a party in my MAILBOX, and everyone's invited!

Holy cow, what a mail day! Today in my mailbox:

  • $125 offer from Chase
  • Hubby's shirt (MYHABIT, $1) 
  • American Baby magazine (FREE)
  • Bounce dryer bar coupons (Vocalpoint) 
  • Fresh Express Kit (Vocalpoint)
  • FREE Garnier Herbashine certificate (FB)
  • $1.00 off Coffee Mate (FB)
  • alift sample (Smiley 360)
  • $10 CVS card (Saveology) 
  • & Dunkin Donuts coupons (local ads)!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend catchup!

Since we were away this weekend I didn't post, but that doesn't mean there has been nothing to post about. Here's what's been up...

 Tailor Vintage Men's Jersey Knit Polo,
Retail $76, I paid $1 !!!

In my mailbox: FREE Hello Kitty iPhone cover
8/27 & 8/28
FREE Peter Thomas Roth Luxury Bath Products
2 Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Massaging Body Bars
1 Moisturizing Face Bar, 1  Deluxe Shower Cap

FREE samples from Whole Foods Market

8/28 (in my mailbox from 8/27)
Hoot Owl Necklace 
Retail $65.95, I paid $0.95!!!
FREE Always 20 ct from CVS 
(coupon printed at card scanner)

5 Sunday papers, each with 3 different inserts!
Only $0.50 each after coupon!!!

In the newspaper were BOGO coupons
for our local coffee & ice cream shop!

Also, scored a killer deal on Breyers ice cream today at Safeway!
Bought 8...
Regular price $5.99 each, club price $3.50 each
used bonus store coupon ($2.49 each)
used bonus store coupon save $5 instantly wyb $15 in participating frozen
Final price: $1.86 each with card and coupons!!!
I paid just $14.88 for $47.92 worth of product! Delish ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mail Call, Freebies & Today's Deal of the day 8/25

Today's FREEBIE in my mailbox:
Pink Zebra EZ start  Duck Tape! :) 
Today's in store FREEBIES:
Veet 20ct Ready-To-Use Wax Strips (Walgreens)
Degree & Aquafresh (Walmart)

Walmart MEGA DEAL!!!
Norelco 2D SensoTouch, reg $98.89
Price match to $85.00 - $30 instant coup = Final price $55.00!!!
Hubby's dad is turning 60 this year and has wanted one of those forever, so he told me to be on the lookout for a deal since they are so expensive.  A week later I find an awesome $30 off coupon for it (and I NEVER see Norelco coupons!), check for the best price online, match them up, and voila!  It is a combo B-day/Christmas gift!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 year Anniversary on a dime!

Tomorrow is my 5 yr wedding anniversary, and since we are on a budget now hubby and I want to have a nice memory without a huge price tag! (When we got married in '06 we thought we'd be going to Hawaii this anniversary, lol... c'est la vie said the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell!)

Here's a little "free-cap" of deals used to celebrate a like rock star without going overboard:

So, just to add it all up...

  • Total Value: $735.96
  • Bargain Birdie price: $174.85 (a savings of $561.11!!!)
  • Anniversary Memories: PRICELESS ;)

Mail Call! & CVS

Today's mail did contain a freebie, but nothing extraordinary so I am also gonna post my kick-butt CVS deal along with it!

In my mailbox: 1SaleADay LED Pocket Light

Covergirl Outlast, reg $9.59, clearance $2, coup  $1/1 =
Final Price $1.00!!!

L'Oreal Visible Lift, reg $11.99, clearance $2.99, coup $2/1 =
Final price $0.99!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retail Therapy!

2 Tetra fish, reg $3.99 each, sale $1.00 each! :)
(With loyalty card at Petsmart) 
Eye Shadow $0.49
Mascara $0.99

(with coupons @ Target)
Umbra Handler coffee sleeve, reg $4.99, clearance $0.99
Cuisinart Citrus Juicer, reg $29.99,
clearance $14.99 + coup = $9.99

(with clearance and coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond)
The Cuisinart juicer is something hubby and I use when we go on a diet.  I had a do-it-yourself manual one from the grocery store that I got last year for $4.99 and it is a pain to use and barely gets any juice out, so I have been waiting to find a deal to pick up a decent one! The $0.99 coffee sleeve was needed to put the total over $15 for the coupon and will make someone we know happy this Christmas!

Free & Cheap @ FRY's!

Although these are not all the deals/shopping I got at FRY's today, they are my favorite.  

  • String Cheese, reg $6.49, sale + coup = $2.99
  • Kraft Cheese, reg $4.69 each, sale +coup = $1.31 each
  • EB Eggs, reg $2.79, sale + coup = $1.59 (I could have gotten the store brand free, but I love this kind as a treat when I can get it!)
  • Hormel Canadian Bacon, reg $3.69 each, sale + coup's = $0.72 for all 3!!!
  • Haribo Gummi Bears, reg $1.39 each, sale + coup's = 2 FREE
  • OIKOS Greek Yogurt, reg $1.35 + coup = FREE
  • Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale 2L (not pictured), reg $1.99, sale $0.89 each! 

No Way... WAY!

So remember I had a $5 promo code for Groupon last week that I redeemed for $10 woth of FREE sweets & treats for our anniversary? Well, lookie what was in my email today!...
"Congrats! Because you purchased a Groupon deal, we've deposited $5 in Groupon Bucks into your account. You can use them immediately on any awesome Groupon deal you find. It's our way of saying thanks for being a Groupon customer."

Awesome! Thanks Groupon!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free at Safeway

3 Fresh Express Bonus Pack salads, sale $1.49ea wyb 3, used 3 $2/1 mfg/Safeway coup = +$0.51 MM each
1 Pantene, sale $2.99, used 1 FREE coupon from FB = FREE
1 OIKOS Greek yogurt, sale $1.25, used 1 FREE coupon from this Sunday paper's "Parade" = FREE
2 Handi Snacks, sale $0.99 each, used 1 mfg coup $0.75/2 (doubled up to $1) = $0.49 each
- surplus from salad= ALL FREE!!!

Bonus: Boneless Skinless Chicken breasts were on sale too for $1.77/lb! :)

Mail Call!

Saturday 8/20

Sunday 8/21
(Advil from Sunday paper, bonus 
& sample from Redbook magazine)

Monday 8/22

Friday, August 19, 2011

Deals of the day 8/19

Retail Value $65.95, I paid $0.95!!!
(SaveMore voucher + sale)

All FREE!!!
(Coupons @ CVS & Walmart)
(Went into CVS to get the FREE body wash, scanned my Extra Care card, and got another q for FREE bandages! Second one this week!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mail Call!

FREEBIES in my mailbox 8/18 :D
1 Babytalk magazine
1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares
1 Febreze Set & Fresh Air Freshner
1 Million Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

8/19 Brilliant Store ear buds

Super Deals!

8/17, SaveMore deal.
$25 Worth of Designer & Celebrity Inspired Jewelry
FREE with hubby's account credit!

8/18, SaveMore deal.
HCG Weight Loss Drops ($140 Value) plus Free Shipping!
Only paid $8 for 2 2oz bottles with my account credit!


Just got this for FREE with my $5 promo code!

Also got this certificate
 for $25 worth of food for only $1.50 to use for our anniversary!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mail Call! (The owl story)

Ok, so this mail call isn't a freebie, but it is so cute I have to share!

Today in my mailbox arrived a little owl! :)  This little guy has a story... A few weeks ago I flew out to MA.  While there I couponed at Peir1 and saw an adorable chunky owl ring*, but it was $19.99 and I knew I didn't need it, so I passed.  On my way back to AZ I had a layover at DFW.  I saw the cutest chunky parrot ring** there in one of the gift shops for only $9.99.  I decided ten dollars was still too much to spend on something I would not really be able to wear, no matter how blingy and fabulous it looked, so I put it on and took a picture instead of buying it.

At first I was proud of my superb willpower, then about a week later I started to regret my decision...  

I hunted the parrot ring down.  I even went so far as to find the store name and phone # for DFW so I could call them to buy it and they could just ship it to me!  I also found it on ebay, but sadly the seller wants $18.95 + 2.95 shipping... ummm, no way.  Unsure if I wanted it this badly, and worried that it was too big to really wear I did not call DFW (but I still am saving the info, lol!).

While continuing to hunt ebay, I found a similar style cute owl ring for $0.98 and placed a "buzzed bid" (don't drink and shop kiddos, lol!) before even thinking about shipping.  A few minutes after I thought to go back and look at the shipping... crap! $5.95, it was coming from Hong Kong!  So of course you can't cancel a bid even if you just placed it, so I wrote the seller.  I explained that I had not realized the shipping was more than the item and if we could please disregard the bid.  The seller has 24hrs to reply, and in the meantime the auction ended and I won the item.  I had been thinking about it and realized that I really do like the owl ring and even with the shipping it was less than $7, so I wrote the seller again and told them never-mind the first message, I do want the ring.  I honored my bid and awaited my owl.  Now it is here and I LOVE it!  It is just the right size, not overly gaudy, and it even came wrapped up like a little present!  So cute!

It is also special because it reminds me of my entire trip to MA, and seeing my friends Val  (I brought a little toy owl with me to MA, that I purchased in AZ last time she was visiting) and Kristy (who told me I didn't need the Peir1 ring), and it is a small gift for Russ & my 5yr wedding anniversary coming up 8/25 this year!
So all and all this is quite a special little owl now, and it will always have a memorable story!

**DFW parrot ring
* Peir1 ring

My owl ring!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mail Call!

In my mailbox 8/16 :)

Thank you Walmart!... Target, kiss my >(

Today I had a HORRIBLE experience shopping at Target.  I had several coupons to use including 4 free shampoo/conditioner/styling product q's, 3 buy 1 Olay soap/body wash get 1 Satin Care free shave gel, 4 $2/2 Old Spice Swagger, 4 $1/1 Garnier, 2 $2/1 Rimmel product, $3/1 Rio DVD, and 2 $3/1 Denim item.

First I found a clearance pair of jeans I wanted, but my coupon just expired yesterday and they would not honor it... strike one, but technically my bad, so still ok.  Then I went to the DVD section to pick up a copy of Rio (which was my primary mission for the day) and they were ALL OUT!  BIG strike two.

Disappointed, I called Walmart who had plenty and so I just planned on going there to get it after.  I figured, "What the heck, since I'm here at Target I might as well make the best of it."  I continued shopping and picked up the deodorants, the 4 freebie hair care products, and 2 Garnier. They did not have the trial size Olay I needed, nor did they have the Rimmel mascara.  They did have the eye shadow though, so I at least figured I would grab one of those too.

When I got to the register, the cashier rang up my items... when I handed her my coupons she looked confused.  As usual at Target, none of them were scanning correctly and she had to pick through the bags and scroll up and down looking for the coupon items.  I had less than 20 items for crying out loud! Less than 10 if you count all the little deodorants as one!  She told me I didn't have a Pantene item, so I pulled it out of the bag she just put it in and handed it to her.

Next she scrutinized my deodorant coupons (that I have used before and do NOT exclude trial sizes) and said she would need manager approval.  Then while waiting for the manager, she told me I did not get Rimmel mascara, and I pointed out that the coupon was for mascara or ANY Rimmel product!  The manger finally arrived and I asked her to read the deodorant coupon carefully because it does NOT exclude the small ones, she still insisted that it must be for the larger size (even if that is NOT what it specifies right on the damn coupon!), so I told them I would just take it to Walmart because THEY don't have a problem with it. All the manager said was, "Ok, fine" and shrugged and walked away!

The Garnier was apparently the wrong size, so I took those q's back to use later.  At this point, I had been there way too long now and was pretty peeved... needless to say I did NOT feel like going to switch it!  I decided to just take my 4 freebies and the $0.49 eye shadow and go, but the cashier then looks at me and gives me a total of $4.32!  I asked her how is it $4.32 if those were free and that was only $0.49 and she looks at the screen and makes an "oh crap" face, she had messed something up... I told her to give me my coupons back and void the whole thing because I was pretty dissatisfied with Target right now!  The only thing she knew how to do the whole transaction was to quickly give my q's back to get me out of her hair!!!

Thoroughly agitated I left and drove over to the nearest Walmart where I had only shopped once before, but had a good experience.  I re-selected my 4 freebies, found the Olay and Satin Care, found Rio, and picked up the deodorants.  (They were out of Cascade at this Walmart too, but I have to go back Friday anyway b/c in my agitation I forgot a few other things I need there.)  My cashier was a young man, very nice.  I told him I just had a bad trip to Target and I do have some coupons, he said "No problem!"  Yay!  He rang everything up and took my coupons one at a time, did them all correctly, and did not need to call a manager. I used my $10 promo GC from yesterday and paid only $8.52 OOP for everything!!!
I was so pleased I thanked the cashier several times for a job well done, and even took the time to find and inform a manager of my positive experiences at their store...


My Walmart mini-haul... $8.52 :)
($51.82 before coupons)
1 FREE Aussie, 1 FREE Pantene, 1 FREE Suave, 1 FREE Herbal Essence
3 Buy 1 Olay body wash ($0.97), get 1 FREE Satin Care shave gel
8 FREE (+MM) Old Spice Swagger deodorant*
1 Rio DVD

*All the deodorant is going straight to the donation box.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail Call!

In my mailbox 8/15
FREE Earbuds from 1Saleaday,
Foodsaver coupons and magnetic coupon cutter/bag slicer!

A Good Day Out

All FREE at CVS today!
Scanned CVS card today on a whim and got 5 coupons, 3 of which were for FREE items!  I redeemed the three coupons and got my 3 items above for only $0.39 tax oop, saved $6.75!

Oh, and let me mention that we needed printer ink and there just happened to be a free $10 GC promo with the 2pk ink this week... score!  All the Rayovacs were FREE + $0.03 MM after coupon too!  I will be going back for my 2 FREE + $0.03 MM Cascade Complete packs, they were out or else those would have been in here too. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mail Call!

Today's FREEBIES in my mailbox!

  • Garnier Fructis Mint Cleanse Shampoo sample
  • Hubby's 1Saleaday Earbuds

Christmas in August :)

Darling hubby was a good sport and helped me out today to get a jump on Christmas.  I took one coupon and he took the other and he braved the "pink palace of doom" (his words), AKA Bath and Body, lol!  The other deal was online, so no embarrassment was required ;) ... Thanks babe!

Hello Kitty iPhone cover, FREE + $2 shipping
(Click this link 8/14 to snag this deal!)

Bath & Body
 1 FREE full size Charmed Life lotion 
($12 value) 
& FREE pink bag w/charm ($7 value)
w/purchase of any full size (Paris Amour body spray($12 value))
- and (separate offer) -
1 FREE Paris Amour full size lotion ($12 value)
 (seventeen magazine offer)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail Call!

Super fun!
My FREE gecko wall decal came in today,
plus a bonus 10% off code!