My Couponing Method

As promised, here is how I roll... 

Start with a STURDY BINDER, I learned this the hard way!
Also, it never hurts to have a super cute tote bag for several reasons:
1. Easier to carry, even if your binder has a handle. Just sling it over your shoulder and go!
2. Disguises your binder if you don't want to be stereotyped as an extreme couponer.
3. You can quickly stuff flyers, peelies, tearpad coupons, etc... into the bag to sort later when you're in a hurry. 
4. Since we already love to shop, we probably love to accessorize too! Express yourself like I chose to do with my Diva-riffic matching combo above ♥

Make sure your binder has features that are useful to YOU!
Not every couponer is going to be comfortable with the exact same thing.

My binder features a small zip front pocket that I use to keep a small calculator, extra paper clips, a quick cutter, and small retail coupons.

My binder also features a velcro flap with a pocket to hold my notepad & pen.

The larger black flap that you see opened to the left is also a zipper pocket that houses two divided compartments... 
This for me is also great for stuffing coups to sort later, keeping my envelope of coupons in for a shopping trip, or putting coupons I decide not to use that trip back until I can put them where they actually belong.

Keep track of regular prices, and sale prices of things you buy, or if you notice something with potential.  
Also be sure to note sale expiration dates!

Pocket it! 
My binder has 5 divided pockets like a file folder in the front.
Here is how I sort it:
1. I put the most current grocery sale flyers in the front.
2. Expiring soon flyers behind that 
3. Non grocery (drug store/retail) flyers
4. Special store coupons (like Walgreens' monthly booklet)
5. Large retail/restaurant offers in the last.

Prioritize and organize!
I keep my "VIP" offers clipped up front so I can't have a ditz moment and accidentally forget about them.
I keep clear sheet protectors in the front for holding lists, coupons, or whatever I need them for while I'm out.

Keep your friends close, 
and your coupon policies closer!
I keep these bad boys up to date and right up front!  
And, YES you will need to use them!

Keep Tabs on it!
I find it easiest to sort by aisle/product category.
After a while you even know them by color, lol!

You're money's no good here!
When I have coupons that are store specific, I like to put them in their own section next to that store's coupon policy for easy reference and so that they don't get confused with the others.

Also, have EVERY store loyalty card if they have one, it can only help!  And be sure to familiarize youself with their online printables, or "load to card" eCoupons!

One for all, and all for one!
and only put one of a certain coupon per slot.

(If there are multiples of the same coupon they go in the same slot, but I never try to save space by putting one facing front and a different one facing back... for me that has confusing and bad news written all over it!)

To stock up, or not to stock up?... that is the question.
If I am not sure, or if I think should just hold out, I keep a general "stock up price" list in the back of my binder to give me a general idea of when to buy for 3,  6, 12 months, etc... or not at all.

Tools of the trade.
Just what it says... I keep anything back here that comes in handy for me, such as: scissors, Post-it tabs, extra pens, sale "cheat sheets", and a clear sheet protector for special receipts.

Ready to shop!
I prepare a detailed list, pull my coupons for the trip and put them in an envelope, and head out! I always take my full binder though in case any surprise deals pop up, I can quickly access the coupons in my binder and pull them out to add to my envelope.

That is all for now, hope you liked this and most importantly... 

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