Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mail Call!

  • P&G Coupon Booklet
  • 2 Coupons for FREE Advil ! (Mailer offer w/newspaper last month)
  • Dove Body mist w/coupon ( 
  • Hartz Crunch & Clean  w/coupons 
  • Dove hair repair w/coupon (from my neighbor)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slacker's "Mail Call!" Catch-up!

- Trilipiderm* lotion samples (FB)

- $2 Off Charmin coupon (FB)
- Bath & Body coupon (mailing list, direct mail)

- 3 lb Custom blend gourmet coffee (Lot18)
- Icy Hot Naturals* and coupon (

- L'Oreal Youth Code (L'oreal)

- Hello Kitty glitter nail decals (BornPretty)
-Swiffer 360 Duster (Vocalpoint)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Donation on a dime!

  • 3 4 lb cat food dry
  • 3 4 lb kitten food dry
  • 6 cans cat food wet
  • 6 cans kitten food wet
I scored $57.42 in kitty food for my local animal league (TALGV) for just $5.94!!! I saved 90%!!!

Here's how:
There are $5 off coupons for Authority Dry Dog or Dry Cat Food at PetSmart!  You can get it thru Authority’s Website (exp 12/31:

§  Authority Cat Food 4 lbs sells for $7.99 ea, sale $5.99 ea (thru 9/25)-$5 coup = $0.99! ea
And it  gets better!!!  Tear pad coupons by food for: With a purchase of any bag of Authority Cat Food get two 6 oz cans FREE!

Mail Call! 9/24

  • FREE Sample 5hr Energy w/FREE sample for friend card!
  • FREE Babytalk magazine
  • Deluxe Mini Slider Set ($3.99!)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shopping trip details,95%+ Savings! & Mail Call!

So from the previous post, you know I had a rough day yesterday. Aside from the serious drama and everything being way more complicated than it needed to be,  at least the deals were good!  Here's how everything (other than myself : (, pun intended ) went down...

Mission 1: Fry's:
  • Get 6 Schick Quattro razors. Reg, $9.99 ea, sale $5.00 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2 mens' razors, x4 womens') = 6 FREE razors, value $59.94! (I saved 100%!) Great for gifts!
This took a 2 day trip split: Thursday, 1 of each at Fry's. Friday, 1 mens' at Fry's & 3 womens' (price matched at Walmart).  Mission accomplished!
Fry's & Walmart

Mission 2: Walmart: 
  • Get 4 Schick Quattro disposable razors 12pk, Reg $2.97 ea, mfg coup $6/2 (x2) = 4 FREE + $0.12 overage. For donation. Out of stock :( Have to go back later.
  • Get 2 Cascade Complete trial size Action Paks , Reg $0.97 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x2) = 2 FREE + $0.06 overage. Mission accomplished!
  • Price match oos razors from Fry's (see above)
  • Get 3 Veet 20ct Wax strips, Reg $3.97 ea, mfg FB coup $3/1, $2/1 (x2) = 1 @ $0.97, 2 @ $1.97 ea... upon reviewing reciept, cashier got coupon happy and doubled the $3 coup! Averaged $0.63 ea! BONUS!
  • Get 6 Sugar Free Torani Coffee Syrups (3 FV, 3 caramel, yummy!), Reg $4.99 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x6) = $3.99 ea. PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED IN ALL WALMARTS!?! NOOOOO...! (I felt like someone drove a stake through my heart! None left in nearby stores or either!)
  • Get 2 Bengay Cold Therapy, Reg $9.97 ea, price match Walgreens sale $6.99 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2) = $1.99 ea (Totally worth it too btw!). Result? In stock but could not pm last weeks sale even with rainchecks.  Had to go to Walgreens.  See other post :(
  • Fill a prescription.  Mission accomplished, but not intentionally... I had wanted to pick up another day rather than wait 45 mins, but it took that long waiting for them to figure out what happened to the coffee syrups and waiting on hold forever while the next closest store looked if they had any left!  Not only that had to wait 15 more mins in line to pick up!  I was getting as frustrated as a cat in a bathtub!
Final result: 3 Schick, 3 Veet, and 2 Cascade: $1.85 + tax, I saved $42.88 (I saved 96%!)
Still worth the aggrivation. (Used FSA for prescription)

Mission 3: Walgreens:

  • Get 2 Bengay Cold Therapy, Reg $9.99 ea, rain check for sale $6.99 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2) = $1.99 ea. Out of stock :( Have to go back later. PLUS I got hurt (see other post)... NOT worth the aggrivation :( This should have been the easiest one too!

Final Mission: Safeway:

  • Price Guarantee for 8pk Mission Artisan tortillas, get refund for new sale price.  I had bought 10 on sale @1.99 ea (two trips the prior week) with 10 $1/1 mfg coups = $0.99 ea. Great deal and freeze-able, but went on sale for $1.49 ea wyb 8 or more this week!  Argh! Lucky for me I always save receipts and the customer service at my Safeway is outstanding.  Having proven my purchase in the past week I was not made to return and re-purchase the tortillas and was simply refunded $5.00 :)
  • Get 1 Mars candy with FB  "Random Acts of Chocolate" mfg coup (deal over), Reg $1.79, FREE w/coup
  • Get 2 Fruit2Day, Reg $1.99, sale $10/10, mfg coup $0.45 (x2) (ALL COUPONS WORTH AT LEAST $1.00) = 2 FREE
  • Get 2 DayQuil trial size, Reg 2/$3, mfg coup $3/2 = 2 FREE (Out of stock :( Have to go back later.)
  • Apples, sale $0.88/lb, 3.89lb for $3.42
  • Get 3 Pillsbury Sweet rolls, Reg $1.99 ea, rain check $10/10, mfg coup $0.30/1, $0.50/2 = 1 FREE, $0.97 for the other 2!
  • Get 5 16oz Oscar Mayer Light Meat Bologna, Reg $5.49 ea, rain check for sale $1.49 ea. Out of stock, but meat dept. associate ok'd substitute Light Beef Bologna = $1.49 ea (Great deal to stock up... good for a long time vacuum packed and freeze-able!)
  • Get creamer, prefer Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Caramel Creme, mfg coup $1/1 (x4), $3.19 not on sale, but got 1 since it would be free anyhow.
  • Use those catalinas! $10 off exp 9/25, $2 off exp 10/1. Mission accomplished! But oops... I actually didn't spend enough to use all the Q's, I was around $4 under!?  I was kinda out of it (see prior post), and a the line was loooong. The only thing I could think of to spend $4 more was 2 more creamers (w/ 2 more coups).  We do go through a lot of creamer, but I might end up exchanging one for pie crust to go with the apples :D. I have to go back to get 3 FREE salads on the 27'th anyway (sale $0.99 ea, mfg coup$1/1 (x3)!
Final Result: Spent $1.44, saved $54.29 (I saved 97%!) PLUS THE $5 CASH BACK = MORE THAN FREE!
Totally worth it and AMAZING savings for grocery! Would have been even more if everything was in stock and I had my head on straight, sheesh! It can be done with grocery, and without going over a 6 month stock up!
Hectic? Yes! But I guess it can't always go smoothly.

And... just because I don't want to make a whole new post for it... here is Friday's "Mail Call!":
- Outback $10 Gift Card , paid $3.99 @
(to go with the FREE steak dinner Q!)
- Carfree Free Sample and coupon

Have a nice shopping TRIP, see you next FALL!?!

Friday September 23, 2011: 
First day of fall, Northern Hemisphere.

Friday September 23, 2011: 
First day back out running errands after not feeling well.

Friday September 23, 2011: 
First day I have EVER tripped and fell at a store!!!

It is one of the oldest, lamest, jokes in the book, "Have a nice  TRIP, see you next FALL!" Hardy-har-har...
Well this Friday it wasn't so funny, but was highly ironic.  After a frustrating time at Walmart yesterday, I had to go to Walgreens to pick up, of all things, Bengay Cold Therapy!  I will describe my shopping trips in detail later, but for now I will just highlight that Walgreens did not have the item in stock.  Leaving the store empty handed on the first day of fall, all of a sudden I went down like a ton of bricks and hit the cement right outside the front door!  A sweet little old man was getting out of his van from the handicap parking spot and exclaimed, "Oh dear, are you all right? Do you need help up?" and the cashier rushed out to see what happened.  I sat there for a moment on the ground shocked, confused, and embarrassed.  I collected the things that spilled out of my purse when I fell, and the cashier helped me up.  She asked, "Are you ok, what happened?" I knew I fell, but I didn't know how... it had to be either the mat, or a large crack in the cement.  The sweet little old man said "She tripped on the mat! You should move that mat, I've almost tripped on it so many times!" He kept repeating it.  The cashier called the manager to make a report, the man went into the store, and I stayed outside since I had started crying and did not want to go back in.  This was my day! I needed this like a hole in the head. The sweet little old man came back out and stopped to reiterate to the manager that the mat was dangerous, and repeated to her what he had said to the cashier.  His 2 packs of orange carton Pall Mall cigarettes fell out of his bag, I picked them up and gave them back and thanked him for his concern. I made a report with the manager, gathered myself together, and tried to finish my last small trip to Safeway.  I took my time, but felt pretty discombobulated and sore already by the end of my trip.  I went back to Walgreens and the manager gave me a claim # so I could go get checked out.  Superb (sarcasm)... Now I had to go sit and wait at urgent care.  Luckily there was no one there and I was seen quickly so I could finally just go home.  To add on some more irony, the song "So you had a bad day" was playing on the speakers at the urgent care as I filled out my paperwork and checked in!  Unbelieveable!  Only me! By the end of the day, I was so grateful to be home.  Yesterday was probably one of those days I shouldn't have left in the first place... ugh!

Friday, September 23, 2011 EPIC FAIL! :(

Last week my friend Budget Savvy Diva posted a HOT deal for

I have no kids yet, but this seemed like a great opportunity to make some less fortunate little girl's Christmas. I was able to place my order, and got order confirmation.  This morning in my email I got this:

"Thank you for your recent order(s).
Our website recently experienced a system error that displayed the incorrect price for at least one of the items you ordered. As a result, your entire order was canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Occasionally, mistakes in product descriptions or pricing information may appear on our site. We make every effort to avoid such mistakes and to correct them when they occur. For this reason, our terms of use state that we reserve the right not to honor a price when it is posted incorrectly on our site.
AFFECTED ORDERS- Order Number(s):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 For additional information, please refer to our "Order Acceptance" and "Pricing or Typographical Errors" policies: 
Your Customer Service Team

Not cool Walmart, not cool! I get that everyone makes mistakes and this could have potentially been quite the costly one for you.  Legally you have the right to revoke it, but I have to think that for a corporation of your size honoring this deal would have been no more than a drop in the bucket.  Especially in these trying times, it seems that the right thing to do would have been to let the people who were fortunate enough to stumble upon this (because it was really in the middle of the night!) get their orders.  A disappointing way to start the day, but technically nothing lost/nothing gained... we will find something else for the giving tree.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Axe if you're quick!

As an influencer, you can invite your friends.

FREE-ZZA, Buzz Campaign, Free Wine & "Mail Call"!

Never heard of BzzAgent?
Click here to find out more.
Wow! Today has been a sweet day! Started out feeling a little under the weather , but taking it easy led to a pretty productive day anyhow!  Turns out just checking my email paid off today, I got an invite to the Burt’s Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin BzzCampaign!  My kit will arrive in about 21 days and I will be sure to keep you posted!   

Lot 18
Also apparently a few friends of mine discovered they like fine wines, food, and coffee... who knew, lol!  I got a few referral bonuses from Lot18 toward a little somethin' for myself too! Sweet!  I think they are still giving out $10 credits to new members, and often do free shipping! (Score!) Me, my mom, & my hubby all got a FREE pound of gourmet roast coffee with free shipping. Hers came in today via UPS, so I am expecting ours tomorrow!

Next, the mail came! I LOVE the mail now... I am so used to getting something fun almost every day that I get kinda bummed if it's just junk mail! Today in my mailbox:
  • FREE Ice Cream coupon from Safeway
  • Rebate check & coupon from P&G

Last but not least, I was amazingly lucky to stumble upon the Domino's Artisan Pizza FB Giveaway at just the right time and score myself a FREE-ZZA for dinner! No cooking for this chickie, and a meal I didn't have to cook tastes all the sweeter! Had to say I LOVED the parrot ticker, very cute :) And the pizza was delish!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mail Call!

Got my Crest & Scope sample from today...

Ok, don't get me wrong, I am grateful for any free sample the company is willing to send, but this one was not exactly what I had expected :?

I had to laugh because that has GOT to be the TEENIEST-WEENIEST little toothpaste sample I have EVER seen!  I didn't even know they could be that small! (That's what she said...", lol!)

1 mini Scope Duoblast mouthwash, 
1 little packet Crest Complete, & 3 coupons

Well at least the coupons are good enough and last long enough that I can most likely score the full sizes for free later!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So today turned out to be another fabulous day for retail therapy!  You may remember "Two Dollar Tuesday", and "UNREAL DEALS! & Mail Call"?  Well folks, history repeats itself... and sometimes more than once on the same day, WOO-HOO!!! Here is a peek at today's "Deja-coup":

Today I visited: 
( I also visited my mailbox, tehe!)

I came home with $120.93 worth of goodies,
I PAID $7.30!!!

"So how'd she do that!?" you may be asking yourself.  Here's the breakdown with photos:
 (click picks to enlarge)

AVEDA & The Body Shop
  • Trio Sample AVEDA Damage Remedy Hair Repair, AVEDA coup (STILL AVAILABLE!) = FREE
  • The Body Shop: TWO promotional free gift bags, loaded with samples! (I got the LAST one, feel so lucky!) = FREE

Paid $1.98, saved $5.30 (73%!)
  • 1 Red Bull sugar-free, Reg $2.29, sale 2/$4, CVS FB promo coup (STILL AVAILABLE thru 9/22!) (Free candy or beverage up to $2.00) = FREE
  • 18 ct Snickers Fun Size, Reg $4.99, sale $1.98

Lane Bryant
Paid $3.16 (incl tax), saved $81.77 (96%!!!)
("Unreal Deals & Mail Call" for last AMAZING 98% trip!)

  • Used Lane Bryant Coupon (mailer) $15/$15:

  • Exotic Maxi Ruffle Dress, Reg $69.95, clearance $49.99, "Gold Dot" clearance $9.99, Final price w/coup = $1.61!!!
  • XL Leopard print snap-top tote, Reg $3.95, Final price w/coup = $0.64!
  • 1 Purple matching nail polish, Reg $3.95, Final price w/coup = $0.64!
Paid $2.16 (incl tax), saved $16.62 (89%!!)
  • 1 Authority Kitten 4lb, Reg $7.99, sale $5.99, store/mfg coup $5 off, tearpad 2 Free cans wyb bag of food (tear-pad), Reg $0.79ea, sale $0.70 ea = TOTAL $0.99 for all 3!!
  • 1 Authority Cat 4lb, Reg $7.99, sale $5.99, store/mfg coup $5 off, tearpad 2 Free cans wyb bag of food (tear-pad), Reg $0.79ea, sale $0.70 ea = TOTAL $0.99 for all 3!!
I plan on going back to pick some up for my local animal league (TALGV) since the sale price is available until 9/25. The tear-pad coups are good thru 10/23, and the printables thru 12/31. I am posting the link for this deal, but PLEASE DO NOT CLEAR SHELVES!!! Be polite :)
The coupon page specifies ONLY 2 PRINTS PER PERSON! 

And finally... Mail Call!
  • Poise Hourglass samples & $2 coupon
  • FREE "Random Act of Chocolate" M&M/Mars FB offer (*Over)
  • Origins Night-A-Mins sample
  • Revlon Age Defying sample & $2 coupon
  • Bonus coupons that came in my Redbook magazine

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not-so-oops I did it again!

A surprise last minute Safeway trip today proved to be most fruitful!  Another grocery trip success!  My Safeway still makes all mfg coupons $1 (unless it is an eCoup or store coup).   Here's the scoop...

Safeway trip 9/18/11

  • 1 Snickers, Reg $0.99, FB "Random act of chocolate" coup = FREE
  • 1 Activia Selects French, Reg $1.39, FB "Try me" coup = FREE
  • 14 Travel size DayQuil, Reg 2/$3, mfg coup $3/2 (x7) = ALL FREE
  • 7 Travel size Tide Detergent, Reg $0.99, mfg coup $0.50/1 (x7) = ALL FREE
  • 2 Snack Artist Chicken Taquitos, Reg $5.79 ea, promo $2.99 ea, vendor store coup $0.75/1  (x2) =  $2.24 ea
  • 2 Jenny-O Turkey Sausage, Reg $3.99 ea, sale BOGO = $1.99 ea
  • 2 Lean Cuisine, Reg $2.49 ea, eCoup sale $1.99 ea
  • 1 Fun-da-middles, Reg $3.99, sale 2/$5, mfg coup $0.50/1 = $1.50
  • 1 Van's Waffles, Reg $3.49, sale $2.49, mfg coup $1/1 = $1.50
  • 3 Oscar Mayer Salami, Reg $4.49 ea, sale 2/$5, bonus sale $1.49 ea w/in ad coup (limit 5)*
  • 2 Green Giant Steamfresh, Reg $3.29 ea, sale BOGO, mfg coup $0.50/2 = $1.15 ea
  • 3 V8 Fusion, Reg $3.99-$4.29, sale 2/$5, bonus sale $1.99 ea w/in ad coup (limit 3), mfg coup $0.50/1 (x3) = $0.99 ea
  • 4 Pop Secret 3pk, Reg $3.49, sale $2/$5, bonus sale $1.49 ea w/in ad coup (limit 4), mfg coup $1/2 (x2) = $0.99 ea
  • 6 Mission Artisan 10pk Tortillas, Reg $2.49 ea, sale $1.99 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x6), bonus Safeway savings $1 off grains = $0.82 ea
  • 2 Prego Sauce, Reg $2.29, sale $1.89, bonus sale $1.29 ea w/in ad coup (limit 6), mfg coup $0.50/2 = $0.79 ea
  • 2 Kraft Free Ranch Dressing, Reg $2.89, sale $1.99 ea, bonus sale $1.19 ea w/in ad coup (limit 3), mfg coup $1/2 = $0.69 ea
  • 8 Campbell's Chunky, Reg $2.39 ea, sale $1.49 ea, bonus sale $1.11 ea w/in ad coup (limit 8), mfg coup $0.50/1 (x4) = $0.61 ea
  • 4 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, Reg $2.29 ea, Rain check sale price 10/$10, mfg coup $0.30/1, $0.40/1 = $0.50 ea
  • 4 Pillsbury Crescents, Reg $1.99 ea, Rain check sale price 10/$10, mfg coup $0.30/1, $0.40/1 = $0.50 ea
  • 1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean, Reg $1.50, mfg coup $0.50/1 = $0.50
  • 1 St Ives Apricot Scrub, Reg $1.50, mfg coup $50/1 = $0.50
  • 2 Nescafe Colombian 8pk, Reg $1.79 ea, sale $0.99 ea, Safeway catalina $1/2 = $0.49 ea
  • 1 3lb Fresh Express Salad, Reg $3.99, Vocalpoint mfg coup = FREE
  • Used $1 off next visit from Open Nature/Safeway catalina 
  • Received $10 BONUS BUCKS
  • Received $2 off next visit from Nescafe/Safeway catalina
Trip total (incl tax) = $181.75
I paid (incl tax) = $48.06 
(-$12 BONUS $$ = $36.06!)
I saved 80%!!!

*( I got a rain check for 5 more, they were out of the light bologna also included in the special)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coming soon...

In response to my post "Feeling Double Crossed Without Double Coupons? Try This...", a fellow Bargainista on Budget Savvy Diva asked: " you post your coupon system & your secrets? With 3 kiddos that kind of savings would be very helpful for the budget!"

ANSWER:  I have been keeping my blog mostly for myself and my friends, to keep track, help out, and show what is possible! Since you asked I can and WILL do a post on my coupon system & what I like to call my shopping "play-by play"s. I have been wanting to do this anyway, and will get to it this week! 
Please keep an eye out! ♥ Happy to oblige ;)
Click "My Couponing Method" 
at the top of my page!***

Coffee Quickie & MEGA Coffee Bonus! (or wine)

Let's face it, sometimes we forget to make coffee in time, and end up having to bite it and spend big bucks at a drive-thru.  I was in a pinch this week and did not have time for the drive-thru either, so I got creative with one of my latest freebies. Also got a bonus deal at the end using the coupon that came with it!

Here's a "freebie with a recipe"
 I'd like to share with you:
FREEBIE: Nescafe Taster's Choice
Recipe:  Iced coffee in a pinch
Combine 1 packet Taster's Choice Vanilla
with 1 packet Taster's Choice French Roast
and 6 oz hot water.  
Stir well then fill cup to the top with ice.
Add a shot of flavor syrup if desired 
top off with cold skim milk, stir and enjoy!

Bonus: Use the $1.00 off (any size) coupon at Fry's to score a 7pk box for $0.49! (Reg $1.49)

Fresh roast coffee, FREE!
FREE $10 sign up credit for new members covers cost!
 If you don't see the $10 signup credit, email them. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling Double Crossed Without Double Coupons? Try this...

So as we know Fry's has deeply hurt our feelings and our wallets by ending the double coupons in the greater Tucson area.  I am more intensely scoping out deals elsewhere now, but decided to try my hand at this weeks' Mega event.  For those of you not familiar with a Mega you get a bonus $5 off WYB (when you buy) any 10 participating items. I realize that I seldom take the time to do a "play-by-play" on the shopping trips, but given the recent circumstances I would like to share this as an example.  Here's how I did...

Close-up photo first:

Same items spread out a little:

What I bought and how I saved even with the new policy:

  • 2 Frozen Store Brand Cheese Tortellini, Reg $3.99ea, Sale $2.99ea
  • 1 Thomas's Light English Muffins, Reg $3.49, sale $2.50
  • 1 Coffee Mate Creamer, Reg $3.97, sale $2.50
  • 1 Simply Orange OJ, Reg $3.22, MEGA$2.72, mfg coup $1/1 = Final Price $1.72
  • 1 Minute Maid OJ, Reg $4.49, sale $3.22, MEGA$2.72, eCoup $1/1 = Final Price $1.72
  • 4 Stouffer's Soup & Stuffed Melt meals, Reg $3.40ea, sale $2.49ea, MEGA $1.99ea, mfg coup $1.50/4 = Final Price $1.62ea
  • 2 Pillsbury Grands Scrambles Biscuits, Reg $3.29ea, sale $2.49ea, eCoup $1/1 (x2) = Final Price $1.49ea
  • 2 V8 Southwestern Corn Chowder, Reg $3.99ea, clearance $1.39ea
  • 2 Store Brand Candy Corn, $1.00ea
  • 3 Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Veggies, Reg $2.49ea, sale $1.49ea, MEGA = Final Price $0.99ea
  • 4 Jamba Juice Fruit Smoothie Mixes, Reg $3.29ea, sale $2.49ea, MEGA $1.99ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x4) = Final Price $0.99ea
  • 7 Charmin Fresh Wipes, Reg $3.49ea, sale $1.49 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x7) = Final Price $0.49ea
  • 14 Velveeta 2% Shells & Cheese, Reg $1.49ea, sale $0.99 ea, MEGA = Final Price $.49ea
  • 1 Scotch Bright Tub Scrubber, Reg $3.49, sale $2.99, MEGA $2.49, mfg coup $1/1 = Final Price $0.49
  • 1 7pk Taster's Choice, Reg $1.49, website promo prize eCoup = FREE
  • 2 Boulder Kettle Chips, Reg $2.49ea, sale $1.49ea, MEGA $0.99ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x2) =Final Price FREE + $0.01 overage each
  • 1 Scope Duo Blast Mouthwash, Reg $4.99, (rain check for last weeks' wyb4 participating items sale:) sale $2.99, $1.99, mfg coup $2/1 = Final Price FREE + $0.01 overage
  • 3 Febreeze Noticeables Warmers, Reg $3.49ea, (rain check for last weeks' wyb4 participating items sale:) sale 2.99ea, $1.90ea wyb4, mfg coup $3/1 (x3) = Final Price FREE + $1.10 overage  each!
  • PLUS: Kroger/Fry's Facebook eCoup $5/$35
Final Total for trip (incl tax) = 
Paid $40.12, saved $93.36 (70%!)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cheers & Jeers! Local Shopping, Week 2 Lineup...

Last weekend I took the opportunity to do something I have been meaning to for a while... store reviews.   There are 6 local stores I frequent: Fry's, Walmart (2 locations), Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Safeway.  Some have been consistently a pleasure, some so/so, and one makes me cringe! So here goes, let's give credit where credit is due with Bargain Birdie's updated second edition of "Cheers and Jeers".

#1: Safeway- Duval Rd, Green Valley, AZ
CONGRATS! You have earned the #1 spot on my list this week! YOU GUYS ROCK! You always have coupons in your flyer, you make all manufacturer coupons worth $1, and you run some great sales.  Safeway does not price match, or accept competitor coupons, but they do have more opportunities to stack store coupons with manufacturer coupons and store sales.
Shopping trips to Safeway used to tend to be for very specific items like chicken, TP, and ice cream.  Now with the recent policy change at Fry's, and and my positive experiences here at Safeway, I have begun to familiarize myself with them even more. A recent, leisurely "store walk" proved most rewarding and pleasant.  The staff was helpful and even wrote me rainchecks over the phone to pick up the next day since I had forgot to ask while at the checkout!
Waiting in line can be pesky at this store, but once you get to the front of the line, the cashiers are pleasant and knowledgeable. I have not yet been made to feel like a criminal for having coupons, in fact... most of the cashiers seem genuinely happy for you for being clever! I love that Safeway is dependable to have items in stock, and rotating their sales often enough that I can rely on the ones I need coming back around before it is too late!

#2: Fry's- Rancho Sahuarita Blvd, Sahuarita, AZ
YOU HAVE BEEN BUMPED! Fry's is convenient, friendly, clean, and well organized, & Charlene is my new BFF at the customer service booth!  They run some awesome sales, but sadly they ended all manufacturer coupons worth at least $1! Fry's does not price match, and no longer accepts competitor coupons either. They often discontinue my favorite products, and are also often out of stock on some of the major sale/coupon items. They are attempting to ramp up their digital coupons and fuel rewards, but it is gonna take some serious customer appreciation to make up for the recent stab in the back...

#3: Walmart- Calle Arroyo Sur, Sahuarita, AZ
Now this is a tough one... This is by far the easiest, most pleasant Walmart to shop at on the face of the Earth!  It is always clean, never over crowded, friendly elderly greeters, and parking spots available that aren't miles away!  They also price match and give money back for coupon overages!  Problem is, this Walmart often does not have the items I need... not that they are out of stock, they just don't have them.  Also some things they do have will be in the back room for weeks, not on the shelf, and you need to ask a manager for them to get them out, or items are priced higher than other Walmarts.  All this can make coupon matchups here a challenge, but still worth the trips.

#4: Walgreens- Calle Arroyo Sur, Sahuarita, AZ
Ah, Wags... what can I say... Some of the deals I have scored here have been great, but your coupon policy is a pain in the rear.  Having to have the same number of items or more than the number of coupons is annoying, and not to mention you often don't have the items in stock due to the amount of couponers in this area (I assume).  This one can be hit or miss. This week however with a helpful, friendly staff, a couple of free treats, and two easy mega deals WAGs has wiggled it's way up the list!

#5: CVS- Continental Shopping Plaza, Green Valley, AZ
Only voted #5 because no big deals for me there this week. This CVS is always clean and well organized.  The staff is pleasant, and the coupon machine at the front of the store is genius!  This CVS is a little out of the way for the few items I purchase there, and many of their deals rely on register rewards which I tend to shy away from unless the out of pocket expense is minimal.  While most of the time I can get better deals at the other stores, I enjoy the peace and quiet of a CVS trip and the little surprise freebies they give you from that coupon machine really make my day sometimes!

#6: Walmart- Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ
Only voted #6 because I didn't visit them this week, so last week's review still stands for now: "Where other stores have failed, you have managed to have the items I needed in stock, cashiers who know what they are doing, and mangers who care and treat the customer with respect!  You also price match and give money back for coupon overages! Bravo and thank you!  My only "room for improvement" comment would be your over the phone customer service... this was frustrating to say the least, but this review is primarily based on in store service."

#7: Target- Spectrum Shopping Plaza, Irvington Rd, Tucson, AZ
Still last and certainly least, Target!  I know not all Targets are this unpleasant, but this is the only one even remotely close to me.  I do not look forward to shopping here.  This store is disorganized, the parking lot is a nightmare, the staff is often unfriendly and always unknowledgeable.  Products are always out of stock, the registers change coupon values, reject almost every coupon (cashiers need to override), and they have even refused legitimate coupons (even a manager!)!  The ONLY reason I still bother to try to shop here is that I can stack their store coupons with manufacturer coupons or clearance to get some good deals.  Only if the deal is really good do I bother with them anymore.

Mail Call! 9/15

Today in my maillbox: 
Mailbox: Dr. Michelle Copeland Skincare samples
(Still Available!!! Lots to choose from!)
  • 3 Microdermabrasion Formula
  • 3 Rewind Age-Defying Cream
  • 3 Rewind Eye Formula
  • 20% Discount code for future order
Email: FREE Activia Selects (Still Available!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mail Call! *LUXURY loot edition! & Deal of the Day

Today there was a first class party in my mailbox! Check out what I got today for FREE!!!
  • 2 2oz bottles HCG (Value $140) (SaveMore)
  • Flavored Artisan Sugar Sampler (Value $18) (Open Sky)
  • .15 fl oz Burberry Body Fragrance (Value $8)                               (STILL AVAILABLE!!!)
  • Handcrafted Ruby & Bird Earrings (Value $5)                              ($5 credit STILL AVAILABLE!!)

Deal of the Day:
  • Bengay cold therapy, Reg $10.99, Sale $6.99, Coupon $5/1 = Final Price $1.99 !!!
  • Bengay pain relief + massage, Reg $7.99, Sale $5.99, Coupon $5/1 = Final Price $0.99 !!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mail Call! and Deal of the day :)

Today in my mailbox:

Deal of the day:
(Safeway, Reg 2.99, Sale $1.99, coupon $1.50/1, Bonus pack w/free razor = Final price $0.49)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bad News Birdie :(

Frys ends all coupons $1 in selected areas
Tucson, Yuma, Casa Grande
First they take away accepting competitor coupons now this!?
Read more:
So many people are struggling right now, and coupons have given some of us a little room to breathe! I’m sure Kroger is still making plenty with or without letting us have the “all coupons $1″ promotion, why not just leave well enough alone? I have a Walmart and a Safeway right down the street. Walmart price matches, so really I have Albertson’s deals there too. Also, the Safeway (also right down the street) still makes all coupons $1. So, I guess I’ll plan one last Fry’s trip before the 14′th and then start taking my business elsewhere… sad.

More on this topic with links to new policies:
 I cannot stress enough how sad this is! 
Just posted this to Fry's: 
A Tale of Two Policies: " Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Yuma Stores" and "All Stores Except: Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Yuma Stores" Really Fry's? Why just us, what did we do to deserve the axe while others are still allowed the privilege? :(

... kinda feels like somebody just shot my Old 'Yeller :(

Sample Sunday

Green Mountain Coffee
Bag or K-Cup Sample (FB)

 FREE Shipping
Get some FREE tea! 

No credit card info required and FREE shipping! 
Pick any 2 sample size teas (reg $3.15 ea) and add to cart.
Enter code "TRYME" at checkout. Enjoy :)

If you haven't already joined savemore, these are FREE for you today too!!!
Today's FREEBIES*: 
Ion Sports Watch ($26.99 Value), Plus FREE Shipping! - or -
Teeth Whitening Strips ($29.99 Value), Plus FREE Shipping!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

UNREAL DEALS!!! & Mail Call

Today I impressed myself!  Using some of the coupons I posted yesterday and some creative shopping (and a patient husband) I managed to come home a VERY happy camper today and only spent $3!!!  
One shopping plaza, three stores to visit: 
Here's how it all went down...

Stop 1 - Lane Bryant.  Coupon, $15 off $15 (mailed offer)
I headed straight for the clearance rack, hubby found the "husband chair".  The store I visit always seems to have a pretty decent selection of clearance and even though it was slim pickins in my size today, lucky me there were some special "Gold Dot" clearance items priced at just $9.99!  Grabbed a handful of gold dot stuff to try on, found a PERFECT dress!  Hmmm, but now I needed to spend another $5.01 still... Oh! At the register, clearance "funderpants" for $3.50! Hooray, just 1 pair in my size, but it was the one I totally wanted!  Ok, now we're down to just $1.51, but nothing at this store is that cheap, and there are no more clearance panties in my size.  I found a bottle of sparkle nail polish marked $3.95... that'll do!  I proudly take my FABULOUS finds to the checkout, grinning ear to ear as the girl rings everything up and I hand her my coupon.  The total you ask?
 $2.11 including tax ($1.93 w/o tax)! 
So we know this was an AMAZING deal, but just how great was it?
  • Nail Polish: Reg $3.95,  I paid $0.45
  • Panties: Reg $18.00, I paid $0.34
  • Dress: Reg $79.95, I paid $1.14 
I spent $2.11 and saved $99.97!!! (98%!)*
(*all images posted at end of post)

Stop 2 - Bath & Body Works. 
Coupons: Free Charmed Life lotion (x2, 1 per person),
This was an easy one except for convincing the hubby to enter what he now fondly refers to as the "pink palace of doom", and actually use one of the coupons for me.  Today it was considerably less pink since the Halloween merchandise is out and spookies up the place with blacks, reds, and greens and my husband was considerably less uncomfortable having to go in!  I headed for the Halloween Pocket Bacs to select my freebie and hubby poked around the rest of the Halloween stuff.  At first I thought I would just get two since I had to buy something to get this one, but then I found an awesome pink cheetah nail file for just $1! Having found the cheapest thing in the store we went to checkout.  The cashier was super sweet (as has been my experience with the staff there every time!).  She rang up my nail file and freebie.  I paid my dollar.  Then she traded me my other coupon for the free lotion, and did the same for hubby.
  • 1 Designer nail file: $1.00
  • 1 "Scary Cats" black cherry anti-bacterial hand gel: Reg $1.50, I paid FREE
  • 2 Charmed Life Body Lotion: Reg $3.50 each, I paid FREE
I spent $1.09 and saved $8.50! (87%!)*
(*all images posted at end of post)

Stop 3 - Petsmart
Coupons: None, but we did have to return a deceased fish :(
First of all, those of you who know I worked for Petco forever, don't judge... I simply cannot drive over a half an hour or more to be exchanging fish, so sadly Petsmart is my only closer option.  I was concerned about this one.  The poor deceased little fish was on sale when I bought him originally, and passed away only days after his guarantee expired.  I figured I could argue this one if I had to since it was so close, and it was most likely the last fish I got from them that infected this one anyway!  That takes me to the fact that we needed to get a tank treatment too now to make sure none of our other little guys go belly-up.  Luckily the fish and treatment were still on sale.  Now karma did me a favor when a last minute lane change brought me to a cashier who returned the fish at it's regular price then rang up the new fish and treatment at the sale prices!  I didn't even notice until I prepared to pay and the cashier handed ME money back!  Um, ok, thanks!  They owe me for all the gas mileage to return sick fish anyway!
  • Returned fish: -$3.99
  • New [same] fish: Reg $3.99, sale $1.00
  • Tank Treatment: Reg $3.24, sale $2.91
I spent nothing, made $0.09! (100%+)

Finally, in my mailbox today was the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) 2012 wildlife babies calendar! Super cute!  Plus if you donate, this time they are giving you an option to select one of 3 super cute free gifts!  This is one of my favorite charities. I love to be able to give them something and a little gift for me is an added bonus!  

And without further adieu, here's some pics!...
I am choosing the limited edition tote set
you see on the far right!