Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Baby Deal

Babies R Us is NOT the best place to bargain shop, but if you are not into online shopping deals can be had here in the right set of circumstances.

Yesterday, Babies R Us (BRU) had a "One Day Only" sale with a promo where you could get $25 off when you buy 2 value cases of Pampers diapers.  And the value wipes were on sale (3/17 only too) for $16!  

I also had the following coupons to use with it: 
  • BRU $8 off wyb Pampers Value Box Diapers and Pampers Value Box Wipes
  • 2 MFG coups for $1.50 off 1 box of Pampers
  • 1 MFG coup for 0.75 off 1 Pampers wipes 
Since we can combine BRU and mfg coups, and it worked with the sale items, 

I got  2 boxes of size 2 (186 diapers per box) 
and 1 box of 640 wipes for $70 + tax!!!
(This is a great deal considering each box of diapers is 
reg $45.99 each and the wipes are reg $19.99!) 
Regular price = $112 + tax.  I saved $42!
That is another whole box of full price diapers!

That breaks down to each box of diapers being $27.99, or $0.15/diaper.  
And the wipes $15.25, or $0.02/wipe. 
Diaper stock up prices guide.
(Anything $0.02 or less is stock up for wipes.)

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