Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

Today I went on an Earth Day "treasure hunt" and my hubby came along!  
It was totally fun and we got some great goodies!

The game plan:

Starbucks: FREE Drink on Earth Day, when you bring in your reusable mug or tumbler. You can choose from Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Hot Brewed Coffee or Iced Brewed Coffee. (4/22 only)

Target: Free Reusable Bag – one bag per guest while supplies last.(4/22 only)
- 2 Free handheld Foodsavers w/coupons - Out of Stock until Tuesday

Bath & Body Works: Free Malibu Heat lotion (4/22 only, FB promo)

Origins: Bring your current skincare (full or empty) to any counter and trade it for a full-size of Origins’ moisturizers. (4/22 only)

Aveda: Free B-Day gift, Free shampoo, Free Hand or Foot Relief Cream w/coupons (Join Aveda club)

Dollar General: Free $10 to spend (GC from past promo)

We also stopped and had lunch at the mall since we were there, and I [FINALLY] found some cheap, cute sunglasses I like! Also, on the way out of the mall there was a lady doing balloon animals outside of a Body Shop and hubby got me a free pink duck!  

As you can see from the picture, we got 5 Target bags.  We went to 2 Targets to look for the Foodsavers, and at the first Target the lady handed us an extra bag for our unborn baby!  We also got extra goodies from the girl at Aveda. I didn't ask for extra stuff, the ladies were just really nice!

The treasures!

All the treasures
(except the Starbucks coffees)

2 Origins Perfect World moisturizers w/spf 25
1 Malibu Heat moisturizer
Aveada: Hand Relief,
Smooth Infusions and Damage Remedy Trio,
Personal Blends Body wash,
and new Invati  hair treatments
(And my sunglasses... not free, but "freapy" and awesome!)

Dollar General:
2 packs of baby socks
and a 3 pack of onesies

My balloon duck :)

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  1. Fun! Glad to hear you had such a fun day with your husband... those are the BEST!!!