Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve, Christmas in my mailbox!

So I think we officially got the latest delivered mail EVER delivered to ANYONE, ANYWHERE  tonight, lol! Our mail came at 8pm!! Yep, that's right... 8pm!!!  It was worth the wait though because it was like Santa found my mailbox early! 

All of the items you see below are freebie goodies won in contests. 
(The exception is the baby monitor that I found marked down from $300 to $96, free ship and tax free! We have been waiting to get one like this for for a long time, so it was nice that it came today.  It ended up being a gift from family, so even better deal for us in the end! )

So here it all is:
- 1 Video Baby Monitor
- Another $5 SEE'S Gift Card!
- NubyUSA's NEW Comfort orthodontic pacifier and
also a package of Nuby All Natural pacifier & teether wipes
- 3 Ella's Kitchen and mOmmaUS gift packs

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