Monday, July 7, 2014

Potty update

Potty update for those following along... July 4 was Gianna's Indepedence from diapers Day! 
First day with underpants after a week of bare bottom training and we learned that she goes far less often with the underpants on. She had 3 successes and 2 accidents, and that was all! She stayed dry when we went out to the grocery store, and through her nap, and dinner time! A great day!

7/5- 1 accident all day! 5 success.
7/6: Too many distractions today, but more successes than accidents. 6 out of 10. She seems to be having a rough day for some reason... teeth?
7/7- So far we are 6 and 1 and we are only at naptime! The one this morning shouldn't even count b/c she did tell us, we just didn't realize until after, but in fairness I counted it anyway as a miss.

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