Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Giving it another "go"...

So we tried 3 day potty training around 19mos with very little success. This time we are at 25mos and doing it a little different. Instead of just one potty in each bathroom, we keep one in the main living room and one outside as well. we are doing "bare bottom" training first. Diapers, pull-ups, and cloth diaper like undies are too hard for her to pull down. We have not tried regular undies yet... Why spoil a good thing right now, right? She is on Day 2 and doing PHENOMINAL!

Day 1: I didn't track it, thinking it might just be a fluke, but experimented with keeping her bare bottomed all day since the afternoon before she was playing outside in the nude and got her potty and used it! We thought, "Hey, we might be onto something here! Maybe she needs to NOT have something to hold the waste when she goes to be motivated to find another place to put it, aka the potty!" So back to day 1, no technical data, but her accidents were few (maybe about 3?) and were really only half accidents (stopped mid stream and went to finish on potty). I want to say about 9 successes based on her sticker chart, so a 66% success rate (apx). Not too bad. She was covered in stickers, chocolate, and temporary tattoos for rewards!

Day 2: 7 successes, 2 accidents!!! (And the two accidents were only outside!) A 78% success rate! And she was/is doing it on her own, no prompting! She will stop and go, wipe, wash, and carry on with her day! I have been continuing to reward her greatly!

Looking forward to see how this pans out! Once she is mostly trained, we plan to introduce the regular undies again and work on that part of it. Will update later... FX that this is finally it!!

Day 3: Today we ended with 11 out of 15! 
Considering the 2 accidents were when we had friends over (too distracting still apparently), and 1 when we were outside (also distracting)...Not too bad! I had a feeling the company would be too much, but we gave it a shot anyway. Besides, we are potty training, not hermits!

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