Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mail Call! (The owl story)

Ok, so this mail call isn't a freebie, but it is so cute I have to share!

Today in my mailbox arrived a little owl! :)  This little guy has a story... A few weeks ago I flew out to MA.  While there I couponed at Peir1 and saw an adorable chunky owl ring*, but it was $19.99 and I knew I didn't need it, so I passed.  On my way back to AZ I had a layover at DFW.  I saw the cutest chunky parrot ring** there in one of the gift shops for only $9.99.  I decided ten dollars was still too much to spend on something I would not really be able to wear, no matter how blingy and fabulous it looked, so I put it on and took a picture instead of buying it.

At first I was proud of my superb willpower, then about a week later I started to regret my decision...  

I hunted the parrot ring down.  I even went so far as to find the store name and phone # for DFW so I could call them to buy it and they could just ship it to me!  I also found it on ebay, but sadly the seller wants $18.95 + 2.95 shipping... ummm, no way.  Unsure if I wanted it this badly, and worried that it was too big to really wear I did not call DFW (but I still am saving the info, lol!).

While continuing to hunt ebay, I found a similar style cute owl ring for $0.98 and placed a "buzzed bid" (don't drink and shop kiddos, lol!) before even thinking about shipping.  A few minutes after I thought to go back and look at the shipping... crap! $5.95, it was coming from Hong Kong!  So of course you can't cancel a bid even if you just placed it, so I wrote the seller.  I explained that I had not realized the shipping was more than the item and if we could please disregard the bid.  The seller has 24hrs to reply, and in the meantime the auction ended and I won the item.  I had been thinking about it and realized that I really do like the owl ring and even with the shipping it was less than $7, so I wrote the seller again and told them never-mind the first message, I do want the ring.  I honored my bid and awaited my owl.  Now it is here and I LOVE it!  It is just the right size, not overly gaudy, and it even came wrapped up like a little present!  So cute!

It is also special because it reminds me of my entire trip to MA, and seeing my friends Val  (I brought a little toy owl with me to MA, that I purchased in AZ last time she was visiting) and Kristy (who told me I didn't need the Peir1 ring), and it is a small gift for Russ & my 5yr wedding anniversary coming up 8/25 this year!
So all and all this is quite a special little owl now, and it will always have a memorable story!

**DFW parrot ring
* Peir1 ring

My owl ring!

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  1. I like the parrot ring. The owl one I think you could actually wear though. I am glad you found one and cheaper than the others. Way to go bargain shopper :)