Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jamberry! My Venture Adventure!

So after attending a few, and hostessing one, Jamberry party, I decided to become a Consultant myself! This is great because I got a discount off my Consultant kit (which is only $99 to begin with anyway) and I LOVE nails! I have always had a passion for nail art and debated on cosmetology school some years ago, but decided a traditional job and more schooling was more than I could handle. As years passed I grew a collection of polishes, glitters, rhinestones, decals, foils, acrylic,... you name it!

The only thing I have been missing is people to share it with. So few of my friends have the time to sit for a full manicure and nail art, then sit even longer to let it dry. I did some nails for my friends before I became a mother, but even then with everyone busy working it was tough. Now it is even harder to find time! So, with everyone I know busy 24/7, when do WE get to feel beautiful?? The answer is now simple... ANYTIME!

With Jamberry nails you can have a perfect manicure or pedicure, as simple or detailed as you like, in just minutes! You can get interrupted by your kids in the middle and drop everything without worry of damaging or smudging your nails, or getting polish all over your home and family! Your toddler cannot spill your wraps on the carpet. You can't drop your wraps on the tile and shatter them. You will not get a fungus or ruin your natural nail as can happen with fake nails. Your design sheet will not dry out and get goopy and have to be thrown away if you want to save it for a long time. The positives go on and on....

As a Jamberry consultant, I am hoping to share my love of nail design and art with others who never had the time, money, patience, skill, or maybe never even thought about it as even being an option for them. There are so many ways to enhance your natural nails or make that set of acrylics/gels you just got really pop! I hope to be sucessful in my new venture not for money, but for fun! Nails are so awesome and we all deserve to feel beutiful and special!

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