Friday, July 22, 2011

I love my CHEST! ;)

Hahaha, no not THAT chest!  Hubby and I invested in a freezer chest from Sears the other day to accommodate  bulk buying meat and other frozens when they are on sale, without having to stuff stuff in my neighbors freezer because I can't squeeze another ice cube into mine! We got a super deal with 25% off and FREE shipping!
Oh, and talk about luck and timing I won a 75% off discount on a FoodSaver® V3250 Vacuum Sealer Kit!  Regular price $129.99, my price $32!!!  (This was a facebook promo, and boy did I have to be quick on the draw, the deal was gone in 30 seconds!)
What a great combo! Thanks mom & dad for the early Christmas presents! :) :) :)

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