Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Well they can't all be winners, now can they..."

So, I just got back from Walmart and am thoroughly disappointed :( ... We needed some printer ink, and I had some fabulous coupons to use at the store!  Here was my plan:


  • 6 Old Spice trial size deodorants, $0.97 each, use 3 $2/2 Mfg coupons. Pay FREE + $0.18 MM
  • 2 Original Bengay, $4.23 each, use 2 $5/1 Mfg coupons = FREE + $1.54 MM
  • 6 Scotch Magic Tape, $2.88 (price match to Target $0.60), use 6 $1/1 Mfg coupons = FREE + $2.40 MM

...So at this point I would have all that stuff + $4.12 to put toward my other items.... NOPE!

My Walmart did not have the deodorants, was out of stock on the tape, and the Bengay was priced much higher at a whopping $5.98!!! (Not to mention I checked on a Zantac deal, and that too was priced higher at my store than others, making it not such a great deal for us :( )

SO, I got the printer ink anyway b/c we are all out and needed it, but they did NOT have the XL cartridges... grrrr!  I also had wanted to pick up a pair of leggins for my flight this weekend and, as usual, they had ALL the sizes lower and higher except one I needed... GRRR!!!

Walmart 7/19/11... DISLIKE! >(


  1. Down with the Wally Man! BOO!

  2. That sucks! You could always try another Walmart. Their everywhere.