Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2 Week Post-op Follow Up, and blurbs from Facebook up to it

June 21
Feeling great, and ready to get to the next stage of this journey. I miss some food, but am doing pretty good with it. Down 12.6lb!

June 22
Bored with broth, protien shakes and jello diet. Get to add solids on the 29th. Hoping the next few days go by fast, or I get cleared early! Even pudding would be a blessing right now! At least it is good I feel so good.

June 25
Down 15.5 lbs as of this morning, I am about to start licking spices for flavor, lol! Got the ok to eat egg, and plain greek yogurt... Man, that stuff is NASTY!

June 28
Today is FINALLY the last day of my liquid diet! I am down 16.5 lbs. Doing great, and very ready to move forward!

June 29
I got to eat chicken tonight! AWESOME!! I was allowed 2 oz, but only needed to eat 1 oz and felt full! It was SO good though! Thank goodness the liquid diet is over!

June 30
Had my 2 week follow up appointment today. It went stellar! I am doing great, and now have my vitamins and a goal sheet. They predict I can loose 85lbs in 6months, and over 100 by a year out! I was kinda shocked, in a good way! Hope I can keep up with the goal sheet! Down 17.5lbs!

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