Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Week Before

So, I am on day two of my pre-op diet, and so far it is going well. I have been able to stick to two protein shakes and a lean protein meal for the majority of my food intake. I lost a pound on my first weigh in this morning. As I stated on Facebook, "it is like a grain of sand off of a beach, but I'll take it!"

Thanks to my new Fitbit, I am much more aware of my food intake, and my activity level. (By the way I have a Fitbit Charge HR, and so does my husband. If you are trying to get fit, I HIGHLY recommend the investment!) This is going to be a very good thing. Obviously post surgery I will have weight loss, but in this week before it is really helping me stick to what I need to do to prepare my body. I have also been assigned breathing exercises, that feel very silly, but will be important. 

I had a sad moment Friday night when I had to say goodbye to my last pizza goldfish. Stupid as that may sound, that little snack has been a big part of my life for a while now. Snacking at night has been a bad habit for a long time. Those days are over! For the rest of my life snacking is taboo!

I am closing out the eve of June 7 tonight, and entering day number one of my one week count down. This time next week I will be going to bed getting ready to wake up very early to prep for surgery.

I've gathered all the things I need together for the surgery coming up at the end of the week and the days following my discharge from the hospital. In addition to what I call my "preop kit" I have also gotten a few articles of loose fitting clothing for my days of recovery. If all goes well I should be home Tuesday 6/16 in the afternoon. I will be sure to update this blog and Facebook as soon as I am up to it. Even from the hospital if I am allowed.

My Pre-op "Kit"

No one is trying to sugarcoat anything for me, The surgery is lapriscopic, and I will have four small incisions made in my stomach. The excess part of my stomach to be removed will be done so through my belly button. I know there will be uncomfortableness and the possibility of complications. Some of the medications perscribed are for nausea, gas, pain, and heartburn. Though I may or may not experience these symptoms, I must be prepared. Diarreah is also something to look forward to I'm sure. In the long run I feel it will all be worth it. That is what I am told also by the majority of people I've spoken to who have been through it. No one thus far has regretted it. Dr. Chaisson is one of the top surgeons in the world, and I am in the very best hands I could possibly hope for with this procedure.

My mother will be coming out to help, and my friends have volunteered to help if needed. It is very touching to know we have such kind friends. I have started a small local, online support group of a few women who are in different stages of their bariatric journeys. I hope to be able to help others some day when I am weeks, months, and years out from my sleeve procedure. I hope I am already helping some to understand the nature of taking on such a commitment.

I cannot wait to start loosing the weight and selling off all my "fat" clothes! Granted, I think my wardrobe is pretty fabulous, but it needs to be downsized in more than one way! I will not mourn the loss of items this time, nor will I try to hold onto them in case I need them in the future. One of my favorite mottos to major life events is "Do it once, do it right!" This applied to getting married, moving cross country, and having a baby. Now it applies to this.

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