Friday, September 23, 2011 EPIC FAIL! :(

Last week my friend Budget Savvy Diva posted a HOT deal for

I have no kids yet, but this seemed like a great opportunity to make some less fortunate little girl's Christmas. I was able to place my order, and got order confirmation.  This morning in my email I got this:

"Thank you for your recent order(s).
Our website recently experienced a system error that displayed the incorrect price for at least one of the items you ordered. As a result, your entire order was canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Occasionally, mistakes in product descriptions or pricing information may appear on our site. We make every effort to avoid such mistakes and to correct them when they occur. For this reason, our terms of use state that we reserve the right not to honor a price when it is posted incorrectly on our site.
AFFECTED ORDERS- Order Number(s):xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 For additional information, please refer to our "Order Acceptance" and "Pricing or Typographical Errors" policies: 
Your Customer Service Team

Not cool Walmart, not cool! I get that everyone makes mistakes and this could have potentially been quite the costly one for you.  Legally you have the right to revoke it, but I have to think that for a corporation of your size honoring this deal would have been no more than a drop in the bucket.  Especially in these trying times, it seems that the right thing to do would have been to let the people who were fortunate enough to stumble upon this (because it was really in the middle of the night!) get their orders.  A disappointing way to start the day, but technically nothing lost/nothing gained... we will find something else for the giving tree.

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