Saturday, September 17, 2011

Coffee Quickie & MEGA Coffee Bonus! (or wine)

Let's face it, sometimes we forget to make coffee in time, and end up having to bite it and spend big bucks at a drive-thru.  I was in a pinch this week and did not have time for the drive-thru either, so I got creative with one of my latest freebies. Also got a bonus deal at the end using the coupon that came with it!

Here's a "freebie with a recipe"
 I'd like to share with you:
FREEBIE: Nescafe Taster's Choice
Recipe:  Iced coffee in a pinch
Combine 1 packet Taster's Choice Vanilla
with 1 packet Taster's Choice French Roast
and 6 oz hot water.  
Stir well then fill cup to the top with ice.
Add a shot of flavor syrup if desired 
top off with cold skim milk, stir and enjoy!

Bonus: Use the $1.00 off (any size) coupon at Fry's to score a 7pk box for $0.49! (Reg $1.49)

Fresh roast coffee, FREE!
FREE $10 sign up credit for new members covers cost!
 If you don't see the $10 signup credit, email them. 

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