Saturday, September 10, 2011

UNREAL DEALS!!! & Mail Call

Today I impressed myself!  Using some of the coupons I posted yesterday and some creative shopping (and a patient husband) I managed to come home a VERY happy camper today and only spent $3!!!  
One shopping plaza, three stores to visit: 
Here's how it all went down...

Stop 1 - Lane Bryant.  Coupon, $15 off $15 (mailed offer)
I headed straight for the clearance rack, hubby found the "husband chair".  The store I visit always seems to have a pretty decent selection of clearance and even though it was slim pickins in my size today, lucky me there were some special "Gold Dot" clearance items priced at just $9.99!  Grabbed a handful of gold dot stuff to try on, found a PERFECT dress!  Hmmm, but now I needed to spend another $5.01 still... Oh! At the register, clearance "funderpants" for $3.50! Hooray, just 1 pair in my size, but it was the one I totally wanted!  Ok, now we're down to just $1.51, but nothing at this store is that cheap, and there are no more clearance panties in my size.  I found a bottle of sparkle nail polish marked $3.95... that'll do!  I proudly take my FABULOUS finds to the checkout, grinning ear to ear as the girl rings everything up and I hand her my coupon.  The total you ask?
 $2.11 including tax ($1.93 w/o tax)! 
So we know this was an AMAZING deal, but just how great was it?
  • Nail Polish: Reg $3.95,  I paid $0.45
  • Panties: Reg $18.00, I paid $0.34
  • Dress: Reg $79.95, I paid $1.14 
I spent $2.11 and saved $99.97!!! (98%!)*
(*all images posted at end of post)

Stop 2 - Bath & Body Works. 
Coupons: Free Charmed Life lotion (x2, 1 per person),
This was an easy one except for convincing the hubby to enter what he now fondly refers to as the "pink palace of doom", and actually use one of the coupons for me.  Today it was considerably less pink since the Halloween merchandise is out and spookies up the place with blacks, reds, and greens and my husband was considerably less uncomfortable having to go in!  I headed for the Halloween Pocket Bacs to select my freebie and hubby poked around the rest of the Halloween stuff.  At first I thought I would just get two since I had to buy something to get this one, but then I found an awesome pink cheetah nail file for just $1! Having found the cheapest thing in the store we went to checkout.  The cashier was super sweet (as has been my experience with the staff there every time!).  She rang up my nail file and freebie.  I paid my dollar.  Then she traded me my other coupon for the free lotion, and did the same for hubby.
  • 1 Designer nail file: $1.00
  • 1 "Scary Cats" black cherry anti-bacterial hand gel: Reg $1.50, I paid FREE
  • 2 Charmed Life Body Lotion: Reg $3.50 each, I paid FREE
I spent $1.09 and saved $8.50! (87%!)*
(*all images posted at end of post)

Stop 3 - Petsmart
Coupons: None, but we did have to return a deceased fish :(
First of all, those of you who know I worked for Petco forever, don't judge... I simply cannot drive over a half an hour or more to be exchanging fish, so sadly Petsmart is my only closer option.  I was concerned about this one.  The poor deceased little fish was on sale when I bought him originally, and passed away only days after his guarantee expired.  I figured I could argue this one if I had to since it was so close, and it was most likely the last fish I got from them that infected this one anyway!  That takes me to the fact that we needed to get a tank treatment too now to make sure none of our other little guys go belly-up.  Luckily the fish and treatment were still on sale.  Now karma did me a favor when a last minute lane change brought me to a cashier who returned the fish at it's regular price then rang up the new fish and treatment at the sale prices!  I didn't even notice until I prepared to pay and the cashier handed ME money back!  Um, ok, thanks!  They owe me for all the gas mileage to return sick fish anyway!
  • Returned fish: -$3.99
  • New [same] fish: Reg $3.99, sale $1.00
  • Tank Treatment: Reg $3.24, sale $2.91
I spent nothing, made $0.09! (100%+)

Finally, in my mailbox today was the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) 2012 wildlife babies calendar! Super cute!  Plus if you donate, this time they are giving you an option to select one of 3 super cute free gifts!  This is one of my favorite charities. I love to be able to give them something and a little gift for me is an added bonus!  

And without further adieu, here's some pics!...
I am choosing the limited edition tote set
you see on the far right!

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