Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shopping trip details,95%+ Savings! & Mail Call!

So from the previous post, you know I had a rough day yesterday. Aside from the serious drama and everything being way more complicated than it needed to be,  at least the deals were good!  Here's how everything (other than myself : (, pun intended ) went down...

Mission 1: Fry's:
  • Get 6 Schick Quattro razors. Reg, $9.99 ea, sale $5.00 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2 mens' razors, x4 womens') = 6 FREE razors, value $59.94! (I saved 100%!) Great for gifts!
This took a 2 day trip split: Thursday, 1 of each at Fry's. Friday, 1 mens' at Fry's & 3 womens' (price matched at Walmart).  Mission accomplished!
Fry's & Walmart

Mission 2: Walmart: 
  • Get 4 Schick Quattro disposable razors 12pk, Reg $2.97 ea, mfg coup $6/2 (x2) = 4 FREE + $0.12 overage. For donation. Out of stock :( Have to go back later.
  • Get 2 Cascade Complete trial size Action Paks , Reg $0.97 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x2) = 2 FREE + $0.06 overage. Mission accomplished!
  • Price match oos razors from Fry's (see above)
  • Get 3 Veet 20ct Wax strips, Reg $3.97 ea, mfg FB coup $3/1, $2/1 (x2) = 1 @ $0.97, 2 @ $1.97 ea... upon reviewing reciept, cashier got coupon happy and doubled the $3 coup! Averaged $0.63 ea! BONUS!
  • Get 6 Sugar Free Torani Coffee Syrups (3 FV, 3 caramel, yummy!), Reg $4.99 ea, mfg coup $1/1 (x6) = $3.99 ea. PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED IN ALL WALMARTS!?! NOOOOO...! (I felt like someone drove a stake through my heart! None left in nearby stores or either!)
  • Get 2 Bengay Cold Therapy, Reg $9.97 ea, price match Walgreens sale $6.99 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2) = $1.99 ea (Totally worth it too btw!). Result? In stock but could not pm last weeks sale even with rainchecks.  Had to go to Walgreens.  See other post :(
  • Fill a prescription.  Mission accomplished, but not intentionally... I had wanted to pick up another day rather than wait 45 mins, but it took that long waiting for them to figure out what happened to the coffee syrups and waiting on hold forever while the next closest store looked if they had any left!  Not only that had to wait 15 more mins in line to pick up!  I was getting as frustrated as a cat in a bathtub!
Final result: 3 Schick, 3 Veet, and 2 Cascade: $1.85 + tax, I saved $42.88 (I saved 96%!)
Still worth the aggrivation. (Used FSA for prescription)

Mission 3: Walgreens:

  • Get 2 Bengay Cold Therapy, Reg $9.99 ea, rain check for sale $6.99 ea, mfg coup $5/1 (x2) = $1.99 ea. Out of stock :( Have to go back later. PLUS I got hurt (see other post)... NOT worth the aggrivation :( This should have been the easiest one too!

Final Mission: Safeway:

  • Price Guarantee for 8pk Mission Artisan tortillas, get refund for new sale price.  I had bought 10 on sale @1.99 ea (two trips the prior week) with 10 $1/1 mfg coups = $0.99 ea. Great deal and freeze-able, but went on sale for $1.49 ea wyb 8 or more this week!  Argh! Lucky for me I always save receipts and the customer service at my Safeway is outstanding.  Having proven my purchase in the past week I was not made to return and re-purchase the tortillas and was simply refunded $5.00 :)
  • Get 1 Mars candy with FB  "Random Acts of Chocolate" mfg coup (deal over), Reg $1.79, FREE w/coup
  • Get 2 Fruit2Day, Reg $1.99, sale $10/10, mfg coup $0.45 (x2) (ALL COUPONS WORTH AT LEAST $1.00) = 2 FREE
  • Get 2 DayQuil trial size, Reg 2/$3, mfg coup $3/2 = 2 FREE (Out of stock :( Have to go back later.)
  • Apples, sale $0.88/lb, 3.89lb for $3.42
  • Get 3 Pillsbury Sweet rolls, Reg $1.99 ea, rain check $10/10, mfg coup $0.30/1, $0.50/2 = 1 FREE, $0.97 for the other 2!
  • Get 5 16oz Oscar Mayer Light Meat Bologna, Reg $5.49 ea, rain check for sale $1.49 ea. Out of stock, but meat dept. associate ok'd substitute Light Beef Bologna = $1.49 ea (Great deal to stock up... good for a long time vacuum packed and freeze-able!)
  • Get creamer, prefer Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Caramel Creme, mfg coup $1/1 (x4), $3.19 not on sale, but got 1 since it would be free anyhow.
  • Use those catalinas! $10 off exp 9/25, $2 off exp 10/1. Mission accomplished! But oops... I actually didn't spend enough to use all the Q's, I was around $4 under!?  I was kinda out of it (see prior post), and a the line was loooong. The only thing I could think of to spend $4 more was 2 more creamers (w/ 2 more coups).  We do go through a lot of creamer, but I might end up exchanging one for pie crust to go with the apples :D. I have to go back to get 3 FREE salads on the 27'th anyway (sale $0.99 ea, mfg coup$1/1 (x3)!
Final Result: Spent $1.44, saved $54.29 (I saved 97%!) PLUS THE $5 CASH BACK = MORE THAN FREE!
Totally worth it and AMAZING savings for grocery! Would have been even more if everything was in stock and I had my head on straight, sheesh! It can be done with grocery, and without going over a 6 month stock up!
Hectic? Yes! But I guess it can't always go smoothly.

And... just because I don't want to make a whole new post for it... here is Friday's "Mail Call!":
- Outback $10 Gift Card , paid $3.99 @
(to go with the FREE steak dinner Q!)
- Carfree Free Sample and coupon

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