Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheers and Jeers... Online store shopping reviews, part 1.

Welcome to part 1 of Cheers and Jeers online shopping site reviews.  The month of August was a fruitful one for bargain hunting, and we must not overlook the value of the virtual dollar!  If you look back over the past month you will see I scored some super sweet deals online, but what you didn't see was my behind the scenes experiences.  Here is some inside info on the deal sites I use...

All I can say is AWESOME!  I have been able to score some AMAZING freebies and deals with them.  I had to use their customer service once when I ordered a deal that was my second pick since the first was out of stock, but then became available again several hours later.  The service rep handled my request expertly and refunded my account within 10 minutes allowing me to re-purchase the deal I had originally wanted!  I have enjoyed shopping with them more than any other online site this past month! Thank you SaveMore!

This may just have been the BEST customer service I ever received!  You may not know, but this site is linked to  I ordered my FREE $211 dress in July with a promo credit and got it quickly and in perfect condition!  Trouble came about a month later when I went to use a credit I had on my Amazon account and it was gone!  I checked and the credit had been applied to my MYHABIT order (was for the same amount as the dress promo code).  I called MYHABIT customer service and explained the situation.  A service agent most appropriately named Joy assisted me.  She apologized, explained why it had happened, and credited the account right away!  PLUS, when I asked about a more recent promo code that had given me and my mom trouble (totally my misunderstanding too) she gave me a $25 credit for future purchase!  WOO-HOO!!!  And I had thought that trying to get my credit back was gonna be like pulling teeth!  Way to take care of your customers! Thank you MYHABIT! I will most certainly keep you on my list of preferred sale sites!

#3: 1SaleADay
Now these guys have some good deals, and even had a few freebies!  I ordered three free items.  One came in, I got one empty envelope, and one seemed MIA... hmmm?  I wrote customer service about it and they responded poorly at first saying there was nothing that could be done since these were "FREEBIES" (and they did put "FREEBIE" in all caps too!)  When I responded that this did not instill much confidence in their company, they responded with a "We'll see what we can do."  In the next few days the MIA item arrived, better late than never, and I updated them on that one.  They wrote me again and said they re-shipped the final item, which I did receive the next week.  So all in all, I would use them again since they proved that even on a freebie they were willing to provide customer service and even replacement or compensation!

#4: Groupon
Not much to say other than Groupon has hooked me up with sweet deals and sent me two surprise $5 bonuses  in the same month, scoring me a freebie with $$ left over!  Um, yes please! Keep 'em comin'!

Stay tuned for more reviews!

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