Thursday, September 22, 2011

FREE-ZZA, Buzz Campaign, Free Wine & "Mail Call"!

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Wow! Today has been a sweet day! Started out feeling a little under the weather , but taking it easy led to a pretty productive day anyhow!  Turns out just checking my email paid off today, I got an invite to the Burt’s Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin BzzCampaign!  My kit will arrive in about 21 days and I will be sure to keep you posted!   

Lot 18
Also apparently a few friends of mine discovered they like fine wines, food, and coffee... who knew, lol!  I got a few referral bonuses from Lot18 toward a little somethin' for myself too! Sweet!  I think they are still giving out $10 credits to new members, and often do free shipping! (Score!) Me, my mom, & my hubby all got a FREE pound of gourmet roast coffee with free shipping. Hers came in today via UPS, so I am expecting ours tomorrow!

Next, the mail came! I LOVE the mail now... I am so used to getting something fun almost every day that I get kinda bummed if it's just junk mail! Today in my mailbox:
  • FREE Ice Cream coupon from Safeway
  • Rebate check & coupon from P&G

Last but not least, I was amazingly lucky to stumble upon the Domino's Artisan Pizza FB Giveaway at just the right time and score myself a FREE-ZZA for dinner! No cooking for this chickie, and a meal I didn't have to cook tastes all the sweeter! Had to say I LOVED the parrot ticker, very cute :) And the pizza was delish!

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